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Why should you use Vanco to clean your air duct system? It’s all about Indoor air quality! Vanco has consistently promised and delivered a superior customer experience in residential air duct cleaning services in the Greater Vancouver area. We clean your entire duct system the right way and we scrub and filter your air during the entire cleaning process.

Go with a company that has long standing credibility. Indoor air quality didn’t become an issue until we decided we needed airtight, energy-efficient homes. We’ve lowered our energy bills, but we’ve trapped pollutants inside our homes and offices. What’s in your air ducts? Dust, pollen, animal dander, mouse droppings, dust mites, drywall dust, insulation, fungus and bacteria. Each time the fan turns on, it forces them into your living environment for you to breathe -morning, noon and night. And, if your vent covers are located on the floor, you would be surprised what finds its way into your duct system.

With all that debris plugging up your system, your furnace has to work harder than it should.

Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander, and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your duct system every time the air conditioner runs, necessitating duct cleaning. These contaminants build up inside the duct work over time, making it an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, and other microbes, so you require professional duct cleaning.

Duct Repair

Duct work comes in two major types: flexible and rigid. Flexible duct work usually is tube-shaped. This is made of a wire coil that is covered with durable and bendable plastic, with insulation surrounding it. This type is best suited for tricky spaces where rigid ducts cannot be installed. Flexible duct work has different installation requirements. It must be properly supported to minimize snaking and sagging. Although flexible, turns, bends, and kinks should be avoided as this can reduce airflow. However, flexible ducts are easier and quicker to install and are priced lower than rigid ducts.

It is important to have clean and well-insulated duct work. If it’s worn out and it’s not possible to repair or properly seal it, then it needs replacement. It is better to have the duct repairs or replacement than have higher energy bills. If there is air leakage, the HVAC system will work harder, thus using up more energy and wear on your system than necessary.

Studies have shown that a home can produce up to 40 pounds of dirt annually, making duct work extremely important for the health of your family.

With our duct work service, you can be assured that the HVAC unit is in good order. You can get also get a complete AC unit cleaned extremely well.

Duct Adjustment

Duct adjustments can modify your home’s HVAC system so it is able to run as efficiently as possible. Bumping into the ducts can often cause them to dent or shift. Of course, any damage that opens the duct to the surrounding environment can lead to unfiltered particles gaining access to the air that is circulated throughout your home.

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Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vent will not only make your home safer, but your dryer will run more efficiently, saving you money.


We handle Furnace Installation, Repair, Maintenance as well as cleaning of Furnaces.

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We have the skills and we can expertly and efficiently service any type of water heater. We install all makes and model.

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For some residents having an air conditioner in the home is a must. Install, repair or maintain the best AC unit for your home or business.

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A heat pump may be a greatly beneficial addition to your home, serving as an alternative to a central air conditioner to keep you comfortable when temperatures do heat up.


From inspections and tune-ups to repairs and replacements, our technicians can expertly handle your boiler needs.


We handle Fireplace Repair, Maintenance as well as cleaning of Fireplaces.

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"The Service company did the work a day after booking. They arrived promptly on schedule. Our 15 ducts and 3 Return Air vents were fully cleaned over about two hours. The work was professionally done, and Kayo, the technician, explained everything that he was doing. Kayo was careful not to damage our house and left our house very tidy after doing the work. His pricing was competitive. We highly recommend the company and would not hesitate to use again."
Hiroko Cummings
"Kayo was great! He arrived on the day we called as we needed someone right away...he did a complete job and recommended everything we needed to get done...he also took the time needed to do the job correctly. I really appreciated him getting into the nooks and crannies and making sure everything was safe. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks again Kayo."
Ricky Meet
"VancoFurnace and Duct Cleaning is a customer friendly company. I had odour problem from my Ducts. My wife Called VancoFurnce. They were very prompt on the phone, and their technician, Kayo, arrived the next day right on time. Kayo suggested Air Duct cleaning, and the job was done professionally and in a timely manner. Happy with his work, I asked him to service our furnace too."
Esmail Ebrahimi